be you

imageEvery time you wake up and you look in the mirror you have a chance to evaluate yourself, of course you will see somethings you do and don’t like about yourself. But in the same moment you can even just look right in the mirror and say to yourself “that’s me” I’m not perfect and if I want to change somethings about myself that I don’t like well it’s all up to me. It may seem hard when every time you look at a magazine you see all these celebrities who have been photoshopped to look perfect, and think to yourself why don’t I look like that, why do I have cellulite or acne? Here’s the truth , THEY do too. They just cover it up by lies which is actually mentally bad for you. Just be yourself, love yourself, because guess what there’s not another you out there, that’s right you’re one of a kind so why not love you. BE You. The REAL you